Have any questions in mind? Find the answers to all queries related to your jivi phone.


1. My phone does not ring, and I am not getting any voicemail.

Your phone may be set up to forward calls. If Call Forward is on, your phone will not ring, and you won't get any messages. To cancel Call Forwarding: To cancel, go to setting > Call setting > open call forwarding/Diver> select option (cancel all setting)

2. My phone has an 'Unable to Charge' message.

"This message usually appears when you're using a non-compatible charger. If you don't have the original charger that your phone came with, you may be able to purchase one online or find a store where you can purchase the right phone charger."

3. About Battery Charging

About battery charging: "New batteries are not fully charged when purchased. Place the battery in the phone and plug the charger into your phone and an electrical outlet Your phone might take several seconds to start charging Your display shows 'Charge Complete' when finished" Tip: You can't overcharge your battery. It will perform best after you fully charge and discharge it a few times.

4. My screen is frozen and I cannot turn it off.

"To correct a frozen screen: Remove the battery from the back of the phone. Put the battery back in and turn on the phone. This should solve the problem."

5. How do I switch between words, letters and numbers when writing a text message?

"All you have to do is change your text entry setting. Each phone type will use slightly different words to describe text entry settings. Most phones use 'ABC' mode' or 'Alpha' to mean one letter at a time, and ""Word"" to mean predictive text entry. Changing text entry settings varies by phone. If these steps don't work for you, consult your phone's user guide: While you are entering text into a message, click on # key Scroll to select the new text entry type Click on 'Select' or the cente

6. Why am I not able to send messages?

There are a couple of things that can disrupt your ability to send or receive messages. Many of them you can fix: 1. Check your account balance: If you're not on an unlimited plan, you may just need to add money to your accounts. 2. Use the area code: You must use the area code and phone number when sending a message. 3. Clean out your Sent and Inbox: The messages that you receive and send are stored on your phone and can take up space! Keeping them can interfere with your ability to send or

7. What is PIN number and what to do if SIM gets blocked?

"As soon as you insert a SIM Card in any Handset it asks for PIN ( Personal Identification Number ) which is a password that is known to the authorised user only. The PIN code can be set to protect your SIM card from unauthorized use. To prevent continuous attempts to 'guess' the PIN number the SIM card automatically gets locked-up after three consecutive wrong entries. If the SIM card is locked-up, the ""Blocked"" message will appear and an unlocking code will be needed. Further repeat wrong

8. What is IMEI number of your mobile phone ?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of a mobile phone is a 15 digit number unique to a mobile handset. Just key in *#06# on your mobile phone and it will display its IMEI number in most phones. Note it down safely. It is also usually printed on the compliance plate of the handset usually under the battery.

9. What is WCDMA (3G)?

3G is a third-generation technology of mobile phone standards. The benefits of a 3G network as opposed to a 2G network include the ability to support greater number of both voice and data customers, and higher data rates (such as mobile Internet access). 3G networks are also capable of video calling.

10. Can I connect my phone to a computer?

Generally, yes. Most mobile phones can connect to a computer via a USB cable or Bluetooth technology. After that you can transfer media files from your computer to your mobile phone.

11. What is MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and is the sending of messages that include multimedia such as images, audio, video and text. MMS is standard on most mobile phones, and costs more than an SMS.

12. What is Call Barring & How can I set up Call Barring?

Call Barring allows you to bar calls and prevents unauthorised use of your cellphone, Contact your Sim oprator to enable or disable this feature.

13. What is Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding forwards calls to any number. Calls are forwarded to your other input number & forwarded calls charged at applicable call rates

14. What is SOS ?

Pressing of SOS button immediately call ges to Five predefined numbers one by one. In case 1st person doesn't picks up the call then he will receive an alert SMS and the call will transfer to the second predefined number & this loop gets repeated if it remains unanswered.

15. What is Mobile tracker & how is it works ?

Your Mobile can be Tracked after it get lost. When the phone get stolen/lost and When the new SIM card is inserted in the mobile, this feature begins and automatically sends SMS from the SIM card which is inserted.You have to store your family/friends mobile numbers in the app and the SMS can be sent to those mobile numbers.